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ColoradoCrete, Inc has put together a team with over 70 years of experience proving to be the best in the business. We are committed to building strong relationships along with providing information needed to make sound decisions. We are a local family owned & operated business.

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ColoradoCrete, Inc is committed to building strong relationships throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and Kansas. Our knowledge and commitment along with competitive prices will earn you and your clients trust and repeat business.


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Client Testimonials

“ColoradoCrete did a great job on our project. We had a major structural remodel for a hotel we were building in Denver with some significant deflection that needed to be leveled and very tight weight constraints for what we could use to level the floors. ColoradoCrete came up with some unique light weight and cost effective solutions for our project. They are great to work with and came in to perform quickly and professionally.”

Zach Belsey, Project: Inn at Cherry Creek, Contractor: Haselden Construction

“ColoradoCrete poured the floor on a residential project in Longmont for me. Their communication was great, they were flexible in schedule, and showed up on time, did an amazing job, and were very quick. I highly recommend them.”

Alex Gore

“I had the pleasure of working with Colorado Crete, Inc. in Broomfield, CO where a gypsum pour was required following the demo of old fieldstone tile prior to installing carpet. Colorado Crete, Inc. was the only company that was willing to make this happen despite a very strict and fast paced schedule in an open and operating hotel. They immediately sent in their project manager Kade, scheduled us for the pour within a few days of the site visit and completed it in the utmost professional and timely manner. We ended up using them in two other locations on the property before job completion. I highly recommend Colorado Crete, Inc. for their professionalism and exceptional quality of work. Thank you Colorado Crete, Inc. for a job well done.”

Kristi Keenan, Omni Interlocken

“Colorado Crete came in and was able to level our 24,000 square foot floor. We had numerous differing levels of existing sub floor with slope to each of our exits. Using 2 pours with different materials for each Colorado Crete provided us a flat and level subfloor for installation of large format ceramic tile. This was a challenging install, with a fantastic outcome. Colorado Crete is my go to partner for floor prep.”

John Anson, Sheraton Hotel

Gypsum floor underlayments for the Denver area

ColoradoCrete, Inc. has provided Denver area clients with residential and commercial gypsum floor leveling and underlayments for 13 years. Our experienced contractors have the right products and tools for every project. We help home and business owners find the ideal solutions in gypsum and self-leveling underlayments.

ColoradoCrete, Inc. is the all-in-one source for complete floor installation and service for construction and renovation projects. Whether you’re laying concrete and materials for floors in new buildings, or repairing extensively damaged, stained, or cracked floors in older units, ColoradoCrete, Inc. contractors have decades of experience producing floors that are strong, resilient, long-lasting, and attractive.

Our commercial and residential services

ColoradoCrete, Inc. has the technology and equipment to build up to 20,000 square feet of floor per day. Our efficient operation and use of quick-drying materials help keep new building constructors on time and under budget. We also help renovators turn old, decayed, or damaged cement slabs into surfaces that are practically like new.

Our service options include:

  • Gypsum or Portland cement-based underlayment
  • Sound attenuation and reduction mats for multi-family residences and commercial buildings
  • Spalled or rough unfinished concrete
  • Underlayment for heat mass in radiant floors
  • Renovation of existing floors, including smoothing and leveling of old wood
  • Encapsulation of vinyl asbestos tiles
  • Leveling over of hollow core and precast concrete planks

Commercial and residential floor leveling

Floor leveling is a process that brings old or damaged floors back to life. When construction or remodeling contractors encounter floors that have become wavy, pitted, sunken, cracked, or uneven, floor leveling restores them to a level, revitalized state. ColoradoCrete, Inc.’s floor leveling service renovates these surfaces to look great and feel comfortable and to meet or exceed established criteria for flatness.

No matter the size or extent of the project, ColoradoCrete, Inc. handles every stage of residential and commercial floor leveling. We repair and treat old floors that are overly scuffed, dented, or uneven, no matter what condition we find them in — even if they have hollow cores or precast concrete.

ColoradoCrete, Inc. consults with our customers to choose the products and functions necessary to bring their floors back to superior condition. We work within the parameters of your project’s budget and can install floor coverings in as little as 24 hours for fast-tracked projects.

ColoradoCrete, Inc. uses a variety of products from USG and Maxxon concrete for floor leveling. These two brands are long-time leaders in the cement industry, with high-quality products that stand the test of time in homes and businesses throughout the country. ColoradoCrete, Inc. uses powerful but lightweight products, especially in situations where extra weight is a concern for the floor.

About gypsum floor underlayments

Lightweight and high-strength, gypsum concrete is the flooring solution of choice for residential, multifamily, and commercial buildings. It’s particularly useful in renovations and radiant heating projects. Gypsum cement comes in various levels of compression strength to make it a versatile and resilient material for all building types.

With proper preparation and application, gypsum concrete is suitable for any floor. It’s especially useful for leveling apartment and condominium floors installed using pre-formed concrete plants.

There are many advantages to gypsum concrete flooring:

  • Cost-efficiency. Unlike traditional concrete, gypsum concrete doesn’t require caulking around the edges of the floor for stability or sound-deadening. That means it’s faster and less expensive to install.
  • Sound-deadening. Gypsum concrete is sound absorbent, which makes it better at reducing ambient noise between rooms and walls.
  • Fire-resistance. Gypsum concrete’s fire-resistance makes it easier for construction to meet local fire code requirements, especially in multi-family residential units.
  • Usage with radiant heat. With its superior thermal transferability and fire resistance, gypsum concrete is far and away the best material to use for floors with radiant heat systems and tubes.
  • Quick installation. With no need for preparing concrete substrate, gypsum concrete is fast and easy to prepare and spread, and with proper ventilation sets much quicker than other concrete types.
  • Durability. Gypsum concrete is amazingly resilient: its light weight creates less pressure on a building’s foundation and frame, making it a longer lasting, stronger subfloor surface.

Gypsum concrete thermal flooring

Radiant heating is an increasingly popular choice for thermal control in residential and commercial buildings. It provides radiant heat directly to a home’s floor and relies on direct transfer to make rooms warmer and more comfortable. It’s more efficient than baseboard heating and is also a better option for those with allergies.

Gypsum concrete is the ideal type to use with radiant floor heating systems. Its construction and uniform density make it better at conducting heat for a more evenly warm environment.

Since the sand aggregate used in gypsum concrete has a much smaller mass than the types used in traditional concrete, it allows for more surface contact with the flexible tubes used in radiant heating. This also makes it more efficient in thermal transfer.

The extra resilience of gypsum concrete means it doesn’t wither in hot environments. Even when in constant contact with radiant heat systems, it will never curl, crack, or shrink like traditional lightweight concrete.

Self-leveling floor underlayments

Underlayments are thin layers positioned between other floor materials. They’re necessary to protect floors and subfloors from moisture, control and dampen noise, prevent dents and help smooth out floor flaws and unevenness.

Self-leveling floor underlayments (SLUs) are typically manufactured from cement and have the added advantage of being much easier to use because the underlayment levels on its own. It’s commonly used in commercial buildings to provide a smoother surface and easier transition between rooms and floors. After being poured onto the floor, it flows until it covers the entire surface within the perimeters of a room. Since it levels itself, there’s no need for additional tools like trowels to make an even and flat surface.

Made from extra viscous, polymer-modified concrete, SLUs can be flowed onto many floor surfaces, including concrete, wood, metal, terrazzo, ceramic, and more. It’s ideal for flattening hard floors, preparing them for the eventual installation of interior flooring.

Its advantages include:

  • Easier and cleaner application, with less mess
  • Quick setting and drying time
  • A consistent, superior, smooth surface
  • Superior strength and resiliency that normal concrete
  • High resistance to moisture, mold, and fungal growth
  • Minimal amount of installation labor, making it cheaper and more cost-efficient

Cementitious overlays

Concrete is the most dependable and strong flooring material, but it isn’t necessarily the most attractive or pleasant to look at. Cementitious overlays are the solutions for concrete flooring in both new homes and renovation projects.

A cementitious overlay is self-leveling, which means it reaches across the floor to all edges of a building without additional equipment. With a variety of design styles and color options, a cementitious overlay can turn ordinary, drab concrete floors into shiny and clean surfaces.

It’s also a practical option, especially for commercial and institutional floors. Schools and retail outlets use cementitious overlays to bring their floors up to building code regulations more quickly than other building options. Industrial facilities and commercial kitchens use it to improve safety on old floors. Renovators favor cementitious overlay for its expedience and versatility in dismantling and removing old, damaged, or stained concrete slabs.

  • Benefits of a cementitious overlay include:
  • Extremely quick installation with minimal downtime for businesses
  • Higher durability and resilience
  • Strong aesthetic appeal
  • Variety of color options and designs
  • High resistance to heavy impact and compression

Sound attenuation mats for multi-family residential buildings

Apartment and condominium complexes often suffer from elevated levels of cross-unit noise, making living conditions uncomfortable, louder, and less private. Contractors who work on multi-family residences are increasingly turning to sound attenuation mats to keep stray sound under control and meet the requirements of current building codes.

Sound attenuation mats range in thickness from 1/8” to 3/4”. They’re typically made with filtering materials using an entangled mesh design, which diffuses sound vibrations and cuts down on the transmission of sound between floors. The mats are used in combination with gypsum concrete and are structured to meet minimum impact insulation and sound transmission requirements as set forth by local construction codes.

Sound attenuation mats are installed on top of subfloors and trimmed to fit the perimeter of the room, before the application of gypsum concrete above.

The benefits of installing sound attenuation mats include:

  • Greater reduction of cross-unit volume
  • More privacy within and between apartment and condo units
  • Less echo and reverberation of noise
  • Better sound quality from home entertainment equipment
  • Easier conversations
  • Flexible and easily resizable materials
  • Building code and ordinance compliance

Metro Denver’s top source for commercial and residential floor leveling, underlayment, and installation

ColoradoCrete, Inc. works on construction projects of any size, type, or scope — including residential and commercial floor leveling, subfloor installation, underlayment, and more. Our past projects include multiple-family residences, subdivisions, retail outlets, shopping centers, schools, courthouses, and other institutions.

We thrive on establishing solid and professional relationships with all our clients, with the most responsive and thorough customer service in the local flooring industry. Contact us by phone or through our online form to get a free quote on your project.

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